Assessment of Drug Therapy Interventions by Clinical Pharmacist in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

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Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 2010; 3(3):22-28
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Assessment of Drug Therapy Interventions by Clinical Pharmacist in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

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Ganachari M S, Mahendra Kumar B J, Shashikala C Wali and Fibin M

Department of Pharmacy Practice, KLEU College of Pharmacy, Belgaum.


The aim of the study was to assess the drug therapy interventions and the feedbacks from the clinicians on interventions. This study was a prospective, observational and interventional study. The drug therapy details of the patients were collected from inpatient case records. Clinical pharmacist reviewed the drug therapy, identified the DRPs and discussed during ward rounds with the physicians concerned and suitable suggestion was provided which had been documented. The clinical pharmacist assessed the contribution made through the above-mentioned parameters through the physician, by feedbacks.A total of 37 DRPs were identified from 31 patients case records. Male predominance was noted over females . DRPs were commonly seen in patients aged between 31-60 years of age. Majority of the DRP resulted from the inappropriate drug selection pattern 35.13%. Majority of the clinical pharmacist recommendations were on drug choice 48.64%. The acceptance rate of recommendation and change in drug therapy was found to be high 78.37%. Most of the pharmacist interventions were seen to have moderate significance in grade. In the feedbacks most of the clinicians commented that this service was helpful and this service to be continued in future. Clinical pharmacy services can produce a high number of interventions, which may benefit patients. This study showed that the Clinical pharmacist interventions in drug therapy helped clinicians in identifying and preventing drug related problems.

Key words: Clinical Pharmacist, Intervention, Drug therapy, Drug related problems.


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